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Joyce Davis  
Henrico County School Board
​Varina District 

Leadership for Continuous School Improvement
Prepared for the Job

Current Policy Advisor
Policy and Budget Analyst

Legislative Analyst
Former High School Teacher
Former Criminal Justice Professor
Juvenile Probation Officer 

Adult Probation Officer 
Criminal Justice Planner

Joyce Davis for Henrico County School Board

I am asking your support as the next School Board representative for Varina District Schools in the Varina, Montrose, Highland Springs, Sandston, Elko and Gravel Hill surrounding neighborhoods.  

Henrico County Public Schools has made great strides in formulating a strategic plan with a vision for students to achieve and succeed and decrease inequities; however, there is still a need for planning and resource  allocation to achieve greater equity. I am running to carry out my slogan, "Leadership for Continuous School Improvement".  I want to build on the accomplishments and work that has been undertaken.  As an advocate for change, I want to ensure implementation of the strategic plan by working collaboratively with the Superintendent of Schools, HCPS Administration and the Board of Supervisors to deploy resources to close the achievement gap in academic performance for all students.  This is particularly important to address the needs of students in Varina District Schools. My top priority issues are dedicating resources and policies aimed at identifying and supporting programs to increase the literacy rate and improve reading levels in early elementary grades through high school; ensuring school safety initiatives; reducing suspension rates; and expanding teacher pay strategies.  With your input and advice, I will serve as a representative voice on issues you identify. 

I believe in a quality education for all children to reach their full potential regardless of background and experiences. 
I will fight with the same level of intensity for all students to have access to high quality learning environments and effective support systems that equip them to graduate successfully for college or specific vocational trades aligned with the economic trends of this region's workforce.  

The School Board has the power to set goals to facilitate the needs of children through consensus building, sound policies, decision-making, and fiscal responsibility.  Based on my background as an educator, policy adviser, legislative analyst, as well as in public service and local government,  I am uniquely qualified to serve and accomplish these goals. 

As your School Board representative, I will listen to your concerns, be responsive, resourceful, ask questions and offer solutions. I am committed to establishing meaningful relationships and partnerships to advance our students academically to become graduates, responsible citizens, and world class leaders. 

Joyce L. Davis


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