VOTE Nov. 5th

Joyce Davis  
Henrico County School Board
​Varina District 

Leadership for Continuous School Improvement
 My  Plan  Focuses  on  these  Priorities
As a School Board member, I will play a vital role in advocating for policies and programs that will promote educational accountability and academic excellence to meet the needs for all students in Henrico County Public Schools. 


Dedicated Funding  to Improve Student Learning-
Supporting fiscal responsibility, strategic budgeting and planning  to improve learning and closure of the achievement gap to achieve equity and excellence.


The number of non-accredited schools in the Varina District have decreased, but too many non-accredited schools still exist in Henrico County with the majority in the eastern district schools.  There are far too many schools with low reading scores and low academic achievement.  As Henrico County is respected as a"good school district", we should review this as a crisis and respond with a sense of urgency to achieve equity and excellence in all schools. 

I will advocate for budgetary allocations to create early intervention programs for learning to start sooner, dedicated programs for tutoring and academic and educational supports for schools with low reading, achievement and literacy rates to improve learning outcomes and as a strategic plan to meet accreditation standards.

Partnerships to Enhance Career and Academic Outcomes--Bridging the gap and developing partnerships between home, school, community and businesses to foster career development to enhance academic outcomes to increase the literacy rate and graduation rates in Varina District Schools.  Developing partnerships for students  to be college and career  ready. 

I will advocate and serve as a resource broker for an expansion of school programs and capacity by partnering with businesses and community organizations to connect those programs and students with industries for career development and job placement; job shadowing and internships; mentoring and tutoring. 

School Safety Initiatives--ensuring school safety initiatives, to include, but not limited to those affecting the school learning and social environments. 

I will support effective strategies to respond to safety issues faced by students and the Varina District schools. 

Policies to keep the school community environment safe to ensure students are not threatened, do not threaten others and are not a threat to themselves.

Continuing school partnerships with law enforcement for emergency preparation for crisis prevention and school/community policing.

Policies to ensure students are safe from weapons, drugs, violence, and curtailing transient behavior and traffic into school which focuses on truants leaving the school and persons entering the school.

Working with school resource officers and administration for cultural competence training to review behavior managment, communication and interventions for positive behavior and counseling support services.

Policies to protect vulnerable groups and anti-bullying initiatives for prevention of harrassment and protective factors for all students. 

Reducing Suspension Rates --reducing suspension rates and engaging students in learning to achieve fewer suspensions and academic outcomes.

I will support a review of our current policies and disciplinary practices and work with Administration to recommend effective programs to decrease the suspension rates of students.  Data shows that while there has been a
decrease in racial disparity in discipline and suspensions in Varina District schools, suspensions remain at
a high level and continue to disproportionately affect students of color and those with disabilities.  
High rates of students suspensions lead to a greater risk of students dropping out of school, and negatively affect those who were not suspended. 
If elected, I would recommend programs aimed to decrease the suspension rates of students:
1)mediation for certain level infractions, which would bring together those who were harmed, hold the
student accountable and make reparations to the victim;

2) Use of community-school partnerships and
interventions for support services to at-risk students and their families for delivery of mental health
care, educational, medical and social support services;

3) Community service programs used in lieu of
suspension from school or during suspension from school.

4) Review school district policies to identify
behaviors for which suspensions could be referred to a community service option and/or non- referral to
the juvenile justice system.

Of concern is the criminalization of students with high numbers of referrals to the juvenile justice system from Varina District schools.
5) Offer training for student resource officers, administrators, faculty and staff to teach skills in behavior management and student discipline

​​Expanding Teacher Compensation Strategies --expanding teacher compensation strategies to ensure first rate salary and benefits, to recognize merit, experience and education beyond the master's level. 

Our teachers are our greatest resource and we need to open up the communication channels with our most valuable assets.  We need to reward teachers who are going the extra mile and improving their classrooms. Schools, the classroom environment and class size should be safe and at a level which is attractive and attracting as a place where every teacher would want to teach.  The goal is to attract the best, retain the best and reward the best.  

If elected, my priority is to review other school districts and their model of rewarding tenure and education beyond the master’s degree level. Other school systems offer additional compensation for education beyond the master’s degree level, such as masters degree plus 30 hours or masters degree plus 60 hours. I would request an assessment of the current inventory of Henrico teachers to determine educational levels and the fiscal impact of offering a competitive compensation package to attract high quality teachers. The importance of hiring high quality teachers contributes to a quality public education program for the overall foundation and sustainability of Henrico County.  ​

Hiring of high quality teachers for Varina District Schools - Explore teacher compensation strategies for competitive salaries to attract and retain high quality teachers to join Henrico County Public Schools and ultimately placement in the Varina District schools. Our teachers are on the front line. Many come to teach, but serve daily as a social worker, probation officer and teacher. 

I support compensation strategies that are competitive to attract and retain high quality teachers to join Henrico County Public Schools and ultimately for placement in the Varina School District.